Here's the number$ -- it's crazy, isn't it!

These numbers are provided by Mr. Paul Christie, Chairman of the TTC. By his own numbers, we see the insanity of running railway cars down the middle of roadways.

Granted, I do not have a problems with streetcars running down right-of-ways, such as the Spadina LRT or parts of the Lakeshore line.

Lines such as College, Dundas, Bathurst, Broadview, and even King and Queen should be scrapped for busses.

Folks, we just cannot afford the extravagance anymore!

Here's the letter from Mr. Christie:

1st page of Letter from Mr. Christie

2nd page of Letter from Mr. Christie

Do your part to help dump this waste! Write to your Metro Councillors, or better yet, specifically to Paul Christie, TTC Chairman at Metro. Do something and speak up!

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