Don't Demolish the Gardiner East Stump (GES)

Metro has planned to demolish the GES, as it claims it is not useful anymore.  It originally was planned to connect to the Scarboro Expressway, which as we all know, was stopped by a small group of people. Once more, a few people interfering with the greater good.  We now have the DVP, which serves commuters to the east and north, and is the most congested freeway in the GTA.

Scarboro Expressway

Clearly, this piece of expressway needs to be maintained.  There are many reasons, but a chief reason is the future development of the decaying port lands.  This wasteland runs from Cherry to Leslie Sts., south of the Lakeshore.  If this area is ever developed, as is planned, it will need to be serviced by the now decaying GES.  A new Lakeshore will not be able to accomodate the traffic.

Recently, the old Greenwood Racetrack was approved to be turned into more residential. This will add even more cars to the local and arterial roads -- since no-one in a $300K+ house is going to take the smelly Queen St. car.

There are even plans to put a regional airport in this area, to replace the very small and unexpandable Toronto City Center Airport.  The bottom line is, Metro needs this expressway for future development.  There is still an incredible need for a Scarborough Expressway, and an expanded downtown airport.  Our New Toronto needs to grow, expand, and become prosperous again.  The 416 area needs to upgrade -- 905 has done all the growing in the past 20 years.  Part of this includes expressways and airports, and not welfare and workfare.  Real growth!

Currently, we must fax the new Toronto councillours .

The GES cannot be torn down!

Email all the councillours by clicking here.

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