Scarborough Expressway

As envisioned by Norman Wilson, in 1954.  Metro wants to demolish the GES, or Gardiner East Stump. This cannot be done, if we want to see future development of the expressway system of the GTA. We need politicians of vision, like Fred Gardiner, Metro's first chairman.  Perhaps the new leader of the New Toronto will have that vision, and resurrect Toronto's building program.  

How many people in the GTA have been to the bluffs?  Many will be opposed to an expressway along the shoreline, but I cannot think of a better way to expose a beautiful landmark to many people.  The DVP is one of the most beautiful drives in the GTA, especially in the fall.  There was great opposition to it, yet it is a key piece of Toronto's unfinished expressway system.  If you have any other pictures or archives of Toronto's expressway system, please e-mail me.

Don't Demolish the Gardiner East Stump (GES)